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by carter ward

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lukebechtel19 15 tracks = 15 infectious melodies that demand repeated listening... another amazing effort from indiana’s hottest roman cowboy Favorite track: rubicon.
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BROCK PIERCE this album will go down in history Favorite track: outro.
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all tracks written/played by carter ward
tracks 7 and 11 mixed by jackson ward
thanks camdyn for co-writing/singing on nova scotia


released May 15, 2019

thanks to the people who support this stuff, means a lot, hope you like it

goodbye teenage years lol


all rights reserved



carter ward Indianapolis, Indiana

anthony fantano gave me a 10

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Track Name: girl
i want a girl who can chew up my medicine
throw me under the bus when she’s done
i want a girl who can rip up my heart and then
sweep it under the rug when morning comes back to drag me down in the dust

oh i’ll never know when

if i got the chance to change my name i would
throw my face in the trash, forget the past
if i got the chance to cover my tracks i would
hop a far running train and never look back at where i came from

i want a girl who will stomp on my brain of sin
show me everything wrong with myself
Track Name: rubicon
hey girl
i think i like you but i don’t know why
i think i met you in another life
be my wife
took a legion cross the rubicon
cast the die and now the game is on
number one

two things i know
i could go
you’d never notice i’m gone

bet it’s cold
in chicago with the wicked snow
wilco towers and cigarette smoke
blowin out your nose
desert sand
touched a cactus and it hurt my hand
wrote some songs about a foreign land
i hope you’re happy there

something shows
but you’ll never see
what it meant to me til i go

take the city
stab my back please
i’m itching to leave
just let me be someone good

hey gurl
i think i love you but i don’t know why
i think i met you in another time
another life
Track Name: band-aid
he’s a big kid
on the swing set
holding on for life
but he gets too tired
so he rubs his eyes
jackson teases
on the driveway
throwing out some lie
was it worth a try?
did he get the prize?

he’s a big shot
with the pumpkins
and a solution for time
such an ugly kind
what a stupid crime
rip the bandaids
see the skin scrape
tape the guitar clean
lay the body down
too composed for sound

nothing new to me
just an old routine
from way back in the day
he said it’s okay, it’s better off this way

he’s a big star
doesn’t care much
if he lives or dies
when he gets too high
or when the well runs dry
leaves the bus stop
walks the third block
to the county line
made it super fine
yeah he was up all night

i’m a grown man
work a day job
get my laundry done
in a quiet hall
never too much fun
but i’m a clean one
and i got freedoms
spend my time alone
in a quiet home
that i used to know

let me take you down to a plastic place

nothing new to me
just an old routine
from way back in the day
he said it’s okay
Track Name: dogs
rain rain falling on my shoulders like a dog
i work all day and sleep like a log at night
in the moonlight

some people say they’re better off when they’re alone
i think i know which way i would go if i were you

rain rain falling on my head i wanna drown
in a pool of my excuses i’ve never been found
to be the one who makes you smile

all the while i’ll know your name
but i won’t know the games you play
Track Name: nothing to hide
got guns in my house
i got nothing to die for
got nothing to live for
got nothing to kill
i got guns in my house
i got nothing to hide
i got nothing to hide
i got nothing to hide from you

got words in my mouth
i got nothing but time
i got nothing but time
i got nothing but time
got words in my mouth
i got nothing but time
i got nothing but time
i got nothing but time time time

got guns in my house
i got nothing to run from
got nothing to hide from
got nothing to hide
i got guns in my house
i got nothing to hide
i got nothing to hide
i got nothing to hide from but me
Track Name: ghost friends
everybody that i know eventually gets bored
and then leaves me lonely, wanting
something that i know will never be in my reach cause i’m ugly stupid always dreaming
waiting for the end of the rain

haven’t found another who can read or uncode what i’m saying, feeling, thinking that
somethings gotta go i need to find a new home, maybe phoenix always loved a desert sunset, a scenery change

when i get to heaven will i make any ghost friends
or will they see right through me
cause not everything lasts when you’ve been to hell and back and that’s terrifying, so blind sided i’ve been crying in my bed for a week, i’ve been trying, i’ve been so damn
ready for release, i’ll send my body to sea for a cleansing, tell me it’s okay
Track Name: best friends
sunday went away too soon
and monday came and made me blue
never sure just what to do
when the waiter breaks the plate

welcome all the summer guests
some will stay to see who’s next
til winter comes and shakes the rest
out into the street

now i’m sitting on a pull out couch
slouched with nobody around
funny when the circle tilts
they follow the sun south

so take a bow and smile at
the leaves that pile around your neck
you like to think they fell for you
but you’re not fooling me

cause even when i’m gone
my memory will be your song
and i will wait for you in heaven
like a best friend

yesterday was trash i guess
tomorrow might just be the last
wishing for the best when all
the cars begin to crash

satellites and radios
and telephones to say hello
but who is there to dial up
if no one cares at all

so take me out back and grab
a gun out of the shed, and laugh
maybe i’m a hollow hack
fit for a shallow death

when you see me on the tv set
take a bow and smile at
the boy who couldn't help but fall
into your vacant lap

but even when i’m gone
my memory will be your song
and i will wait for you in heaven
like a best friend
Track Name: i know you
i know you better than you think i do
Track Name: river song
gonna jump into the river and swim with all my friends
gonna buy some soap and scrub up in the tub
climb the tallest sky scraper in chicago and look up
at my great great maker up above

gonna tie that bow on the gift i bought for you
gonna start my truck and drive us to the zoo
gonna bake us a cake and cover it in love
for my great great maker up above

gonna go to the kitchen and grab my favorite snack
gonna do the dishes and throw away the trash
i’m a healthy helpful member of society, duh
for my great great maker up above

cause everything is awesome when you’re super duper cool
and the world wants to be your friend, because you really rule
so i’ll meet my friends at the YMCA pool
and thank my maker up above

and i’ve been looking forward to this
cause i love birthday time!
another day another chance to fly!
Track Name: im happy we met
i understand
you don’t want a man
and you deserve so much
more than what i am

but it makes me happy
to know that i
am alive
at the same time as you

so you can pack up your things
and take a train out east
and i will wait here for you
like i always do

cause i’m your dog on a leash
a silly kid stuck in between
always looking for
something to believe
Track Name: outro
hot flash
fast lap
to the moon
see the stars pass
little loon

drink up
stiff cup
feel loose
feel nothing new
but i’m here

and i love
your cough
i love your step
i just hope you get
what you need

in the next life
in another time
you'll be smiling soon
nothing bad will hurt you
little loon
Track Name: you? (bonus)
i’m so confused
about you
i’m so confused
i don’t know what to do

with your hair falling down your head
some things just can’t be unsaid

i’m so confused
i still love you
puzzle piece
let me sink in the blue

with your head resting on my chest
there nothin id rather see

i’m so confused
always seem to lose
i’m so confused
about you

with your hand wrapped around my hand
there’s no place i’d rather be
than on that hill top in the sky
that sends us off across the sea
Track Name: benchwarmer (bonus)
middle school soccer team
bench warm king
i practice like the other boys
but never can keep up the speed

i’m good at other things

like filling up my notebook
with superhero scenes
and writing little poems
for you, that you’ll never read

i’d need more self-esteem

but sometimes i think maybe
you feel the same way about me

high school freaks
all give me the creeps
i don’t ever wanna grow up
i don’t wanna get mean

or hurt anything

i see you in geography
you talk to me at lunch
i never care to say it
but to me you mean a bunch

and that’s enough i’m too shy for this

but sometimes i think maybe
you think the same thing about me

and next chance i get
i think i might tell you everything

sitting on the bleachers
playing with my hands
i pick be a little dandelion
and hand it to you
smiling down at your shoes
Track Name: nova scotia feat. camdyn (bonus)

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